Have Your Wedding Photography at the Golden Bridge in San Francisco, CA

Wedding Photography at the Golden Gate Bridge

The golden bridge in San Francisco, California has also been a bridge to many sweet couples. Some made it to an elopement location. This time, you want to level-up the golden gates purpose. With a wedding photography in the golden bridge in San Francisco CA, the bridge could just provide another meaningful purpose for you and your partner.

One good thing about the Golden Gate Bridge is that it already has a history. You will see it in the movies, magazines, and everywhere else where it will make you remember if ever you do your wedding photography there. But then, you will have to a top San Francisco wedding photographers  that is also very willing to do anything just to get the best shot.

Since the golden bridge already has Art Deco elements with its signature orange color, it is visited by millions of visitors every year. That is why if you plan to have a wedding photo shoot there, you must do it at a time when there are fewer crowds on the sidewalk of the bridge and vehicles crossing it. It might be tricky but early morning is very ideal. But then, the people and vehicle passing by could also be an artistic backdrop for your photos and video. It will look more raw and realistic.

The Golden Gate Bridge is a very iconic structure. You may not be the first to have a wedding photography in the golden bridge in San Francisco CA. But then, this is a location where you can see a beautiful scene even at night. With the soft glow of its lights at night and just behind it is the spectacular views of the San Francisco, what more can you ask for?

Not only for San Francisco photography, there are also other couples who considered having the ceremony there. Just be sure to plan it well to avoid complications.

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