Simple but Elegant Small Wedding Cakes in Houston, TX

Delicious Wedding Cakes in Houston, TX

Small wedding cakes are perfect for small wedding event and they look so cute. A simple wedding cake is a great way to celebrate your wedding in an inexpensive and fun way. You can choose a beautifully decorated cake with all the bells for the wedding tables that will look cute to your wedding video. You can have the freedom to please your guests with simple elegance.

Wedding cake

Small wedding cakes in Houston, TX are easy to make and you can probably make them at home. If you are following a budget, single tier wedding cakes are mush affordable than big wedding cakes. The reason for this is that lot of time goes into securing the structure of the Houston cake. Simply have your wedding cake decorated with flowers.

When talking about wedding, a lot of couples agree that in small wedding cakes in Houston, TX size matters. Having few guests can mean a more intimate celebration. Brides and groom who enjoy baking are intimidated by the prospect of creating a large cake and designing a cake might not feel so hard by baking and decoration a small cake.

Designing your own wedding cake is not common choice but it’s a wonderful experience, save money as well and get exactly what you want in a dessert without leaving all the details in the hands of a decorator. Try setting your cake in the middle of a wedding dessert bar and surrounding it with cupcakes, so be mindful of your display.

Designing petals or fresh flowers in the cake is one wonderful ideas that will make your small cakes beautiful. Unique cakes will always be possible as long as you are creative. Don’t worry about the size of your small cake because if it taste as good as it looks, everyone will give it the focus it deserves when desert time arrives. For more cake ideas visit

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