How to Look Beautiful on Your Wedding Day with Minimal Makeup

Wedding Makeup Tips

Make-up is one thing that makes every bride look even more beautiful on the day of their wedding. There is something about the glow in a bride’s face as she walks down the aisle, and the make-up is one of the factors. There are different looks that you can achieve with makeup. You have probably had a wedding makeup trial with your makeup artist too.

The bridal makeup should depend upon the mood, theme and formality of the wedding. No bride wants to walk down the aisle and wander around the reception with a face overly caked with makeup. You can still look beautiful and blooming even with minimal makeup, no matter what skin tone you have.

It still takes some preparation in order to achieve a fresh no-makeup wedding look. You probably know already the basics of makeup application, like starting with cleansing and exfoliating the face. Follow this by applying a mild toner, especially when you have oily skin.

In order to even out your skin tone, use a tinted moisturizer and will make your skin appear natural. A hydrating moisturizer is also a good choice. You can then apply a liquid foundation using a moistened sponge.

What many women want to hide are the dark or red circles under their eyes. You can certainly do this by using a concealer, but only when necessary. Remember to use it sparingly or you will have an unnatural skin tone. Choose a concealer color that will blend softly into the skin.

For your eyes, you don’t really need to apply shimmering eye shadows. You will just need an eye shadow lighter than your skin and medium eye shadow color for the crease. Through these colors, you can create a subtle eye contour. Finish your minimal bridal makeup with fuller eyes by curling your lashes and smear it with dark-brown mascara.

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