Guide on How to Be the Best Wedding Guest

Wedding Guest Guide

All About WeddingA successful wedding celebration can be achieved, but it will surely be challenging and stressful to plan. Any bride and groom will surely be delighted on their wedding day to see family and friends who are enjoying and adding some sugar and spice to the celebration. It really helps for the newlyweds to be stress-free if the wedding guests are behaving accordingly.

Whenever you are invited to a wedding, as part of the entourage or just a witness, you need this guide to be the best wedding guest.

  1. Be on your best behavior. It is necessary to observe, especially if the couple is hosting a formal or black-tie wedding. Show impeccable manners from the ceremony site to the reception venue. It’s okay to drink some booze but don’t get drunk. You can give your wedding speech, only when you are asked, but never demand for the mic.
  2. Be prompt with your RSVP. You must know that the couple is expecting everybody’s response whether you can or can’t come to their wedding. With consideration, send your RSVP and include some note of appreciation for their invitation. It would be nice to complement their wedding invitations too.
  3. Nobody wants to go solo on a wedding, especially if you do not know anyone on the wedding except for the bride or groom. But don’t sweat the small stuff if you want to be the best guest. Never ask or insist the bride or the groom for you to bring a date. Remember, it is their day, so they mustn’t be stressed thinking about you going solo.
  4. You are considered one of the best wedding guests if you attend pre-wedding activities. A wedding only happens once in a lifetime, so it shouldn’t hurt to take a day or night out with the wedding couple, bridal party or groomsmen.
  5. They are the life of the party, but don’t steal the spot from you and your partner. The best wedding guests are those who know how to start the party and keep it going with their entertaining remarks or dance moves. Everyone will surely be smiling, and photographer’s love to capture those moments.

Don’t forget to give your compliments to the bride or groom. From the venue, food, decorations to the wedding favors, the groom and the bride, most especially, would appreciate to know how much you loved their wedding and everything that they have planned for almost a year.

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