Do’s and Don’ts of Getting Items from San Diego, CA Wedding Jewelry Stores

How to Get a Wedding Item from a Jewelry Store

wedding jewelry storesThere is a saying that the dress will make or break the wedding since it is the centerpiece that everyone will look at and examine. However, the ones that will make the wedding dress are your wedding jewelries. There are so many brides who are not particular when it comes to wedding jewelry, but this one means a lot especially if you want to add sparks in your photos and videography.

If you are headed to shop for items in wedding jewelry stores in San Diego, CA, please make sure that you are well educated when it comes to the do’s and don’ts. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts that will define your purchase as a whole:

Do try to mix your jewelries

With today’s economy, buying all new items for wedding accessories is hard to do. However, there are some alternatives like buying some new ones and mixing them with the old ones that you already have. Your accessories do not need to be really matchy for as long as there is cohesion with the general theme. Sometimes, you can borrow from your sister or mother and add something from your own accessories.

Do not try to pair asymmetrical gown with a necklace

Asymmetrical gown is characterized with one shoulder style; this in itself is already a statement so you don’t need to add an accessory to draw away the attention of the eyes. According to most bridal stylist, adding a necklace to this type of gown is a big fashion blunder. If you insist wearing a necklace with an asymmetrical gown then you are at risk of looking unbalanced. Instead of necklace, go for necklaces with spectacular style.

Do match your earring and headpiece

These are two important accessories for the bride. However, wearing a wrong proportion of headpiece and earrings will make you look really awkward (a fashion victim). According to experts, it is essential to consider the right proportion of the headpiece and the earrings to look fabulous.  You goal, as a bride, is to achieve a look that is complementing each other, not competing.

Do not wear a watch in your wedding

It is understandable that you don’t want to be away with your watch, but this is your wedding day. As much as possible, replace the watch with a shining piece of bracelet. It will look uneven if you are still wearing your favorite leather watch while on your dress. It will look bad especially when photographed with the wedding bands and the bouquet.

The items that you buy from wedding jewelry stores in San Diego, CA will define your style. The small detail of necklaces, rings, earrings and etc will contribute to the whole ensemble. Once you wear the wrong jewelry, the rest of the wedding dress look is also affected. Hire a stylist to help you choose the right wedding accessories.

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