Considering Diamond Cut Shapes for Your Wedding Ring Design in San Diego CA

What Diamond Shape is Best for You

If you are about to buy a ring, considering the diamond cut wedding ring design in San Diego is very important. The diamond ring is one of the most important parts of your wedding. Although it is very small, it should be given an important attention when it comes to shape because it will affect how it will look on your finger.

As experts say, women who are not gifted with longer fingers should choose oval, marquise and pear shaped. On the other hand, they should be avoiding bands that are wider because it will only make their fingers shorter. These small details should not be missed if you want your wedding to be perfect as you expected.

wedding ringWomen who do not have shorter hands should also avoid choosing delicate and slender rings. Narrow and marquise diamond shapes are also not appropriate for them because it will look not proportional. Heart and round shapes are high recommended for them because those shapes will flatter their fingers. If you choose a San Diego wedding ring, bring an expert with you and try on different varieties so you can find the perfect ring that will complete your wedding requirement.

When it comes to style, diamonds also have the personality that will match that of a woman. If the bride has traditional and sentimental personalities, round shaped on a solaire setting is a perfect choice. A heart shape diamond will also be a good choice especially when it is pink in color. Ring is also valuable in shooting a video and photo before the wedding.

On the other hand, if the woman is modern and fashion forward, getting unusual shape is a perfect choice. This type of diamond is non-conventional therefore it will match her personality. You can also try on colored diamond cut wedding ring design in San Diego, CA with, of course, a modern setting. For authentic diamond rings visit

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