Best Metal Options for Your San Diego, CA Wedding and Engagement Rings

Metal Selection for an Engagement Ring

Wedding and engagement ringThe selection of wedding and engagement rings in San Diego, CA is not that easy especially if there are so many things to consider. One of them is the metal type. As you know, there are individuals who are not really comfortable wearing certain type of metal. Some may have allergies against specific metal while others simply don’t like the style or color. Whatever reason it is that you have, there is always the need to undergo selection for your comfort, best rings here David & Sons Fine Jewelers.

Here are some of the basic metal selections that you may consider:

(1) Platinum ring: If you are looking for metal that is superior in terms of strength and purity, platinum is the best classification. This metal does not need rhodium coating in order to look naturally white because it already is. The reason why most couples love this metal type is because the diamond center stone is more safe and secure when tucked by this band.  Most of all, platinum is hypoallergenic so you skin won’t get irritated.

(2) Rose gold ring: Mixed with a certain amount of copper alloy, this gold has an extraordinary color—pink. The more alloy mixed with the base metal—gold—will make the tone deeper and more rosy. Brides who have feminine preference when it comes to metal will always fall in love to this type of hue or mixture. This color is also meaningful because it represents love. Moreover, the mixture is durable and perfect for all types of skin tones. This metal add interesting details in wedding videography.   

(3) White and yellow gold ring: Gold is a flexible type of metal since it can be mixed with other alloys out there. The more alloys being mixed to gold, the higher the chances of achieving different colors. However, the most popular colors being utilized by couples nowadays are yellow and white gold. White gold, however, needs to be coated with rhodium from time to time in order to look perfectly white. These two metal colors are well loved by most couples because of their cheap price tag. If you are the type of person who loves customization, you can start with these two metal colors. The result will be fascinating!  

(4) Palladium ring: If you want a cheaper alternative to platinum, this metal is a perfect choice. It is characterized with white and silver hues. This is also mixed with yellow gold to come up with white gold. The catch with palladium is its ability to be flexible and hypoallergenic at the same time. You can also avail this metal in grayer and darker color.

For more guidance when it comes to metal options of wedding and engagement rings in San Diego, CA, visit a local jewelry shop. A professional jeweler will always help you find the best metal fit for your needs.

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