Acquiring San Diego, CA Wedding Loose Diamonds in an Affordable Cost

Loose Diamonds for Budget Conscious Couples

Is getting loose diamonds for wedding in San Diego, CA a good deal? For some couples, this is already a good deal because in the first place you’ll get a preferred center stone in a very cheap price. However, there’s more to getting a loose diamond. According to experts, if you know how to customize its elements, you will be able to save tons of cash.

loose diamonds for weddingSo, what are the important elements to work on in your loose diamonds? According to industry insider, the following are the things that you may consider: quality, size, shape, brand name and certification. These factors can be adjusted to the level of your preference. If you want premium diamonds then you can go high with them. If you are saving then you can skimp and sacrifice some elements, more details in diamond store San Diego.

Shape of loose diamonds

Most round diamonds are really expensive. However, you can evade this price tag if you pick other shapes. The most common way to save is selecting fancy shape loose diamonds. Your only trouble is if you don’t have any clue which shape is perfect for you. The best solution is to go around and do window shopping. To know more about diamond shapes and women’s personality, reading a book (Diamond, Love and Compatibility) written by a famous diamond appraiser named Saul Spero will help.

Carat weight of loose diamonds

There are different types of women. Some may want their ring to really catch attention and incite jealousy among other girls. However, there are some brides who want to keep their ring really simple and toned down. Loose stones with fuller carat weights like 1.0, 2.0 and higher will always be expensive. If you are skimping, then pick .99 or .75 loose stones; your unsuspecting bride will never know if she isn’t really particular on what type of stone you’ll give her.

Color of loose diamonds

Loose diamond’s color is based on the grading by GIA or Gemological Institute of America. The highest rated diamonds are graded as D, E and F; it means that these diamonds are colorless. The lowest quality in terms of color is Z. If you don’t want to get a poorly colored diamond then you can go with G, H and I rated ones. Please make sure that if you have a platinum band and setting, it would be weird to mount it with a K rated stone.

The possibilities of creating your custom ring from loose diamonds are endless. You can pick fancy or even fuller diamonds; you can pair the stones with the preferred setting and many more. If you are starting your shopping adventure for loose diamonds for wedding in San Diego, CA, make sure to follow the steps above.

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